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LOS ANGELES – Tiger Woods has finally won another golf tournament.  He’s the best mall putter in the world!

Tiger Woods absolutely demolished the competition when putting at the Hollywood & Highland Mall in Los Angeles.  He wasn’t playing against ranked PGA players, but some of them had putted before, so Tiger really showed everyone that he’s still a champ.

It was a one-hole putting course, but Woods handled it like a real pro.  Here he is approaching the green:

Woods had not putted at a shopping mall since he was five years old, so he was a little nervous.   “He seemed a little shaky,” said Tyler Bok (17)who also played with Woods, but then he settled down and really showed everyone at the mall what he is made of.”

After the putting tournament Woods met with the press to discuss the field for the Chevron World Challenge golf tournament – which will be held at the Mall of America.

“Some people may make light of mall putting, but it’s much harder than the Masters or the U.S. Open.  This was the toughest hole I’ve ever had to putt,” Woods told the press.

Woods says that he may go to China and Japan and play malls over there.  He’s also looking into putting at Wal-Marts and K-Marts around the country.  “I think the level of competition and this malls is equal to what I faced on the PGA tour, so I’m excited about this new direction in my career.”

WWN will be following Woods to every mall competition.