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RAMSEY, NJ – Don Bosco High School, the nation’s perennial #1 h.s. football team, has agreed to join the NCAA’s Big East conference.

This month there were major changes in NCAA Division 1 conference alignments for football.

The Big East recently lost Syracuse and Pittsburgh to the ACC and are scrambling to find teams to add to their conference to make them more competitive and entertaining.  So Big East executives made a radical move, and decided to invite powerhouse Don Bosco Preparatory High School to their conference.  Don Bosco has accepted the invitation.

Don Bosco High School has the nation’s dominant high school football program. They absolutely crush every opponent they play – from all across the country.   They thrashed the consensus #4 team in the country – St. Edward of Lakewood, Ohio and just demolished Bergen Catholic High School for the New Jersey State Championship and the National Title.

Bosco has won 45 games in a row and clearly are the dominant high school program in the country.

So far this year, they have defeated nationally ranked teams from Mission Viejo, CA and Manatee, FL along with their toughest opponent – local rival Bergen Catholic.  But sadly (for BC), Bosco embarrassed them at MetLife Stadium on December 3rd.

The talent level on both Don Bosco’s football and basketball team is of such a high caliber that they can easily compete with most NCAA Division 1 schools.  The Big East wanted to shake things up in the NCAA and inviting Don Bosco to join the conference certainly has caused quite a firestorm.

“It’s an unusual move, but I think it’s something that will make the Big East much more  competitive.  Right now, Bosco can compete with most Division 1 schools in the country and having them in the Big East will  be a huge plus for  us,” said Big East Conference Director, Gary Flink.  “It’s going to be exiting watching the The Ironmen tackle the Big East.”

Don Bosco has 20-25 Division 1 caliber players on their current roster including: Darius Hamilton, Leonte Caroo, Yuri Wright, Elijah Shumate, Frank Nutile,  Mike Yankovich, Jabrill Peppers, Mike D’Alessandro, Michael Strizak, John Wilkins, Frank Failace, and Jared Goldenberg – among others.

ESPN’s top college football analyst, Kirk Hirbstreit, feels that Don Bosco, coached by the legendary Greg Toal, has the playmakers, the skill players and the depth to defeat UConn, University of South Florida, Rutgers and the rest of the Big East every year.

“I think within 3 years of being in the Big East, Bosco will be playing for a BCS championship,” said Kirk Herbstreit.  “Maybe sooner.”

Congress is looking into making changes to NCAA football, perhaps adding a playoff system.   A number of Congressmen were told about Bosco and many feel that adding Don Bosco Preparatory High School to the Big East – will meet with easy Congressional approval.

Go Bosco!