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NEW YORK, NY – The hottest thing in baseball right now is reaching out for a little extra help!

What were you making when you were 17? I don’t know about you, but I was making close to minimum wage at some fast-food chain. For Bryce Harper, minimum wage has been permanently deleted from his vocabulary thanks to last night’s events. The 17-year-old baseball phenom signed a 5-year, $9.9 million contract with the Washington Nationals. The teenager will make 500k a year for the next two years … must be nice!

That contract already puts Harper in the record books. He becomes the youngest highest paid baseball player – non-pitcher. Harper has been compared to LeBron James – ego and theatrics aside – as the next biggest thing to grip his respective sport. Sports Illustrated ran a feature on Harper when he was 16, placing him on the cover, next to the words, “Chose One.” Sure, his talent and hype precedes him, but the kid knows he has a long way to go.

“It feels so great to do what I love and make a career out of it,” Harper told Weekly World News. “This contract means nothing, however. I still have to go out and perform and I know that I have a long ways to go before I’m placed in the company of some of the greats to ever play the sport.”

Harper shed some light on his next move and he shared with WWN that he has extended an offer to Bat Boy to become his mentor and personal coach.

“Listen, I am still young and while I’ve been in the spotlight to a degree in recent years, that’s nothing to what is in store for me in the coming years,” Harper added. “I need someone who is no stranger to such attention and who handles it as gracefully as possible. I also need someone who can help me improve my game and become the best. Bat Boy encompasses both of those goals and I would love for him to join my management team.”

Bat Boy is a huge follower of baseball, America’s pastime as he is America’s favorite human. Bat Boy’s spokeswoman shared with us that it isn’t a matter of if but when Bat Boy will join Harper.

“Bat Boy is busy … very busy,” his spokeswoman said. “That doesn’t mean he’s going to pass up this opportunity. This kid has all the makings to be the best ever. Bat Boy knows that he can get him there and he’ll be joining the Harper camp sometime in the near future.”

The future certainly looks bright for this kid.