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NEW YORK, NY – LeBron James was the center of attention and jokes at this year’s ESPYs!

LeBron James may have put the “decision” behind him, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world will soon forget. King James made the decision heard round the world and he’s hearing about it from all angles. Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert ripped into him, the fans began burning his jerseys and now he was the center of many jokes at the ESPYs.

The former “king,” was the butt of the ESPY awards’ biggest jokes Wednesday night. His decision on July 8 to play for the Miami Heat was more than enough ammunition for many celebrities.

Host Seth Meyers was the first to get the LeBron roast going.

“Did it really need to be an hour?,” Meyers said. “somebody time me. Miami. How long did that take? A second.”

Meyers also took it upon himself to offer some moral support for James’ former team, the Cavs.

“Literally every team that has ever won an NBA championship has done it without LeBron James,” he quipped.

James was free yet, not even close. Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd, stars of the upcoming film “Dinner for Schmucks,” offered a comedic rendition of his one-hour ESPN special.

Before revealing his big decision to a bearded Rudd, Carell said he used an eight-ball to make his final choice.

“I’ve decided I am going to take my appetite to the Outback Steakhouse,” he said.