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WASHINGTON, DC – First Lady Michelle Obama is going ahead with plans to change the color of the White House for the first time in history – by painting it green!

The scheme might sound like a joke, but insiders insist it’s all too true.

According to those sources, Mrs. Obama believes that the change of color will reflect the new tone of President Barack Obama’s administration of energy and environmental conservation.

“Mrs. Obama is intent on creating a diversion to take the focus of the financial crisis off the President and painting the White House green certainly seems to fit the bill,” said one source with close ties to the Oval Office.

“Not so apparent, but equally important, is what the First Lady herself has to gain from it. If she can change the color of the White House – which is the oldest pubic building in Washington and has been home to every president since John Adams in 1800 – she can do anything. And if the public believes she can do anything, her chances of becoming America’s first female president in the future will increase dramatically.

“That possibility has factored heavily in her decision to make an issue of the color of the White House. And because she knows that her plans will be thwarted if she makes them public prematurely, she intends to put the project in motion behind the scenes. By the time the media and public find out, it will be too late to do anything about it. The White House will be green. Mrs. Obama wil take the credit. And when the furor dies down, she will be remembered as the woman who changed one of the most important and revered symbols in our nation’s history.”

Mrs. Obama bristled but managed to maintain her silence when queried about the allegations. Not surprisingly, White House spokesmen followed her lead, declining to comment on the report in any form whatsoever.

“Official silence is expected but it’s an odds-on bet that the White House will soon be known as the Green House,” said the source. “The only thing holding Mrs. Obama back at this point is the choice of shade. From what I understand, she is torn between grass green and hunter green. When she decides, painters will show up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with brushes, ladders and scaffolds and start painting.”

President Obama’s response to the plan is not known. In fact, he might not even know about it, sources say. “Mr. Obama gives his wife a free reign so it’s doubtful that he will stand in her way,” one insider said.