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WASHINGTON, DC – Charles Freeman has withdrawn from consideration as National Intelligence Chair.  Another appointee is claimed by the Obama Curse.

Freeman has faced great opposition to being considered as Chairman of the National Intelligence Committee, usually in regards to his criticism of Israel’s policies.  However it wasn’t until a recent string of bad luck-a flat tire, his cat ran away, and his grandmother absconded to Tahiti with the bulk of his checking account-that he decided to withdraw his consideration for the position.

Since December nearly a dozen major and minor Obama appointees have backed out from their assignments, believing their positions to have a curse on them.  Poor luck and bad publicity have befallen many of those picked for appointment by President Obama.

Ever since Bill Richardson refused to shake the hand of an old gypsy woman in New Haven, Connecticut, the position has been said to have a curse on it.  At first believed to only be the Treasury Secretary, the curse has since spread to many of Obama’s cabinet and political appointee positions.

A spokesperson for Richardson said “He never refused to shake anyone’s hand.  There were a lot of people there that day, and he just didn’t have time for everyone.”

Fox News has held a weekly effigy burning in the courtyard of their headquarters since the story broke.  Despite their best efforts to fuel the curse, most agree the effigies accomplish nothing except making them feel better.  Glen Beck has several administration voodoo dolls: Rahm Emanuel, Tim Geithner, and Hillary Clinton to name a few, using Internet flash polls to determine where to put the pins.

Whether the curse will need to be lifted or eventually wear off is still unknown in Washington.  Several mystics and Houdon’s have been contacted by the White House but no official statement has been given yet.

Charles “Chas” Freeman is looking forward to a quieter life, and putting this curse business behind him.