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Vladimir Putin reportedly announced plans to run for President of the United States.

 Russian President Vladimir Putin is tired of how the United States is being run.  “It is a weak country with weak leadership.”  He thinks that he can bring the United States back to glory.  So, he announced that he is going to run as a Democrat in 2016 for the President of the United States.

How can a Russian run for President of the United States.  WWN learned that President Obama made a secret plan with Putin and Democrat leaders in Congress.  “It will happen,” a Russian insider said.


Putin already has his Presidential dog, so he’s ready to go.


Putin knows he will be challenged for the Democrat nomination by Hillary Clinton, but he is confident he will defeat her handedly.  “He will crush her like tomato,” said a Putin advisor.

Putin has not been impressed with either President Obama or any of the Bush family.  He feels that if he takes over America and Russia, he can soon take over China and then… the world.

“I will make Earth the best planet in the universe,” Putin reportedly told Pravda.

Republicans, oddly enough, support Putin running for office.  “We’ve basically had a Communist in office for the last five years, so we are used to it,” said a Republican Senator.  “He can’t be any worse than Obama.”

Putin is taking President Obama out on a hunting trip tomorrow.  “He needs how to learn how to shoot… and duck.”