Vladimir Putin reportedly announced plans to run for President of the United States.
 Russian President Vladimir Putin is tired of how the United States is being run.  “It is a weak country with weak leadership.”  He thinks that he can bring the United States back to glory.  So, he announced that he is going to run as a Democrat in 2016 for the President of the United States.
How can a Russian run for President of the United States.  WWN learned that President Obama made a secret plan with Putin and Democrat leaders in Congress.  “It will happen,” a Russian insider said.
Putin already has his Presidential dog, so he’s ready to go.


Putin knows he will be challenged for the Democrat nomination by Hillary Clinton, but he is confident he will defeat her handedly.  “He will crush her like tomato,” said a Putin advisor.

Putin has not been impressed with either President Obama or any of the Bush family.  He feels that if he takes over America and Russia, he can soon take over China and then… the world.
“I will make Earth the best planet in the universe,” Putin reportedly told Pravda.
Republicans, oddly enough, support Putin running for office.  “We’ve basically had a Communist in office for the last five years, so we are used to it,” said a Republican Senator.  “He can’t be any worse than Obama.”
Putin is taking President Obama out on a hunting trip tomorrow.  “He needs how to learn how to shoot… and duck.”


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34 thoughts on “PUTIN WILL RUN FOR PRESIDENT OF U.S. in 2016!”

  1. Dear Weekly World News,
    Aren't you ignoring something? Vladimir Putin cannot be President of the United States of America, because our Constitution requires that the President be born a U.S. citizen. I do not know, I but will be surprised if the Russian Constitution does not require it's President to also be a natural born Russian citizen.
    In fact, that is one major reason our nation's Founding Fathers required our President to born a U.S. citizen, in order to prevent potential foreign usurpers like Putin from taking over our country!
    In the United States of America, the only legal restrictions against foreign born naturalized United States citizens, is that they cannot be President or Vice-President. They can however become governors, senators, and even as in the case of Henry Kissinger, be appointed Secretary of State.

    • I agree that Russians wouldn't let an american run there, so it's not right that a Russian come here and "take over" jsut because he's "tired of how america is ran". whose business is it of his any how?
      However, I have been reading a lot of web sites that state Obama is passing a "law" that makes it possible for non citezes to run for (and potentaly become) president of the USA.
      Now, even if this Russian……dude….DOES get the chance to run, I am confident that all us US citizens will NOT vote for him. As long as we all take a look at what dude is doing to his country then we will know what to expect to be done to ours….we also got to take into conciteration that Russia has always hated us, so it would be a set up anyway!

  2. Putin would actually save the United States and bring it back from the brink, after Obama sent the country rocketing to destruction. Too bad though, this will never happen.

    • Your a special kind of stupid aren't you? you need to do some real research before you believe those lies…open your mouth again once you do. Obamas father was Kenyan, Obama was born in Hawai

  3. Well after Obama Attacks Syria, Russia plans to take us over. Obama has already mover ALL our Strategic bombers over seas to battle in the Middle east. So it will be easy for Russia to take over the east side of the USA after Washington DC is nuked and all our troops have be stationed out on the other side of the world.
    But to be honest with all the bull crap George W Bush and Obama lowering our "Morality" in the USA. as legalizing gay marriage.
    With President Puttin banning gays and talk of gays around kids increasing their morality. The" United States of Russia" my not be a bad place to live.
    I also want to ad, don't fear the war to come. It's a way to sterilize this corrupt world we live in. Gays and Lesbians are everywhere in the military.
    Remember Sodom and Gomorrah. God destroyed it because of corruption as in gays Lesbians, whores, and whore mongers. So bring on the United States of Russia, you are welcomed here. Need I say more????

  4. The person that wrote this article must be totally naïve about that US Constitution. In order for someone to run President of the USA they must be a naturally born citizen of the USA.

    • Really Carrolls and commentor #2. Ross Kardon? You feel it's necessary to come and lecture the writer of this article >here< on WWN about the constitution? Really? Suggestion: take a few minutes of your valuable time next time and look around to know just where it is you are before deciding to share your deep knowledge like this… One word, humor. Oh and to the author, Da! The US can use some Putin-style leadership at this point!

    • Ha! The person who wrote that reply must be totally naïve about the Weekly World News. Quick, somebody throw an Onion at him!

    • Even if Obama actually was born in a foreign country, he still can legally be President of the USA because his mother was born in the USA. Senator Ted Cruz is in the same situation. His dad was born in Cuba and his mom was born in America and Ted Cruz was born in Canada. Senator Cruz can legally run for President of the USA. Other Americans that were born in foreign countries that have run for President of the USA are John McCain, who was born in the Panama Canal Zone and Mitt Romney's dad who ran for President in 1968, was born Mexico. Both of them were born to American parents.

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  6. Ross,
    You say that the Constitution forbids those who were not born in the USA to be President. That is obviously a lie because obama was born in Kenya. I have seen the papers that prove it. So bring on Putin, at least we wouldn't be a pushover with him as President.

  7. Presidency's should never be ran in terms of who has the money to put up with it; It should be an entirely individual persona test oriented plan, and no privatized funds for it but all government paid for all publicity. This is Democracy!…

  8. I wish people would stop knocking Obama – it's almost impossible for ANYONE to straighten up the mess Dubya left when he went out of office.


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