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WASHINGTON, DC – Abraham Lincoln’s ghost has been spotted among strange occurrences at the Obama inauguration.

This afternoon, Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th and first black president of the United States.  Obama even decided to use the same Bible that was used to swear in President Lincoln, who is noted for freeing black Americans from slavery.

The Lincoln Bible was also Abraham’s family bible, and includes scrawled notes and doodles young Abraham made during particularly long services.  Among the most famous of these scribbles is a five-page treatise which he used to convince young Luisa May Francis to go with him to the Spring dance of 1813.

However, since the historic Bible was taken out of storage, strange happenings have followed it.

In the days prior to the event, photographs of the Bible showed strange blurs in the background.  When the photos are placed on top of each other and used like a flip book, the photographs show the ghost of Abraham Lincoln doing a happy dance.

During today’s inauguration ceremony, television cameras picked up the faint image of the 16th president standing next to Barack Obama, holding the Bible and smiling.  Immediately after the proceedings, with all eyes and cameras focused on the new president, the book appeared to float away of its own power and disappear into the crowd!

Secret Service agents found the book shortly thereafter in the Lincoln Memorial, with a few extra notes written in just for the newly elected President.

Government officials refuse to comment officially on the existence of any messages from Lincoln’s ghost to President Obama.