WICHITA, KS – Former Miss Universe finalist Kelli McCarty has come under fire this week as news of her latest career move has riled some intergalactic feathers.

McCarty, winner of the 1991 Miss USA title, became well know throughout the galaxy after finishing in the top tier of contenders for the Miss Universe title.  Her role on the daytime soap opera “Passions” only endeared her more to the intergalactic community.

Following the death of her “Passions” character in a train explosion in 2006, McCarty was relegated to guest appearances and cameos.

“I knew I needed a change.  Not just in my career but in my life as well,” McCarty told a group of paparazzi outside of a club in Wichita.  “While I loved ‘Passions’ I always felt like it was supposed to be a stepping stone to something else.  Obviously that didn’t pan out.”

“I was dedicated to making sure my next job would be more filling, emotionally, mentally, everything.”

McCarty decided to fill the voids in her life by becoming a star in pornography films.  The first XXX feature, “Faithless” dropped this week.

Longtime fans of McCarty’s have shown her their usual level of devotion and support.  Many have openly expressed their disappointment and embarrassment.

The Alien Editor of the fansite IWantToMcCartyAllTheTime.com wrote in an editorial Monday, “This is an outrage!  A Miss Universe finalist has a responsibility to maintain the level of distinction and respect that one would expect of Miss Universe herself.”

“Miss Universe does not just represent the sordid, selfish demographic of Miss America.  Miss Universe has thousands of planets, races, and species in her jurisdiction.  It is becoming of her to gallivant around naked in front of a camera doing unwholesome things with unwholesome people!”

“At least have the decency to wear a bathing suit for goodness sakes!”

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