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President Obama has ordered the Presidential debate committee to allow Hillary Clinton to join him as they debate Mitt Romney on foreign policy.

The final debate between Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama will be on foreign policy.  President Obama has made the unusual move of demanding that Hillary Clinton, his Secretary of State, be allowed to join him on stage when he takes on Mitt Romney.

“The President feels that it’s only fair that he have his foreign policy expert with him when he talks about foreign policy. If Mitt Romney wants to bring his Secretary of State, he is allowed to do so.  But, since Hillary is the country’s only Secretary of State, that’s highly unlikely,” said a source close to the White House.

With two weeks until Election Day, neither candidate is likely to get another chance after Monday night to articulate his platform to such a broad audience. And President Obama knows that Libya will come up.  “Hillary has taken full responsibility for Libya, so it’s only right that the President allow her to answer the tough questions about that area of the globe,” said a top Obama aide.

Speaking from Peru on Oct. 15, Hillary Clinton told WNN, “I take responsibility for protecting diplomats. The buck stops with me, not with the President.”

She already has her “debate face” on for tonight:

The word “Benghazi” has become a problem for President Obama and with Hillary at his side, he feels that he can tackle anything thrown at him during the debate.

Mitt Romney’s camp quickly filed a complaint with the debate committee, saying that it was “against the rules” for a candidate to “bring a friend” to the debate.  But CNN’s Candy Crowley (who happens to be on the debate committee) corrected Mitt Romney.  “You are incorrect, Mr. Romney.  The President can bring a friend, if and only if, that friend is Hillary Clinton.  You can bring Hillary Clinton to help you, if she agrees to do so.”

Mitt Romney accepted the fact that Hillary will join Barack Obama and reportedly said, “I’ll knock both of them out, if I have to.”

In related news, President Obama is considering allowing people from Russia, Cuba and Venezuela to vote in the U.S. election.  “These countries are our friends and I think they should be allowed to vote for the U.S. President,” President Obama reportedly told the White House press pool.

The 90-minute faceoff at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla., offers the candidates their last opportunity to stand one-on-two before tens of millions of Americans and command their undivided attention before next month’s election. Both candidates largely dropped out of sight and devoted their weekends to debate preparations, a sure sign of the high importance they attach to the event.

As for Hillary, she reportedly told her friends, “I am going to wipe the floor with Mitt.”

We shall see…