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SANTA FE, NM – Ties to an alien energy company have resulted in Governor Bill Richardson removing his name for consideration as future Commerce Secretary.

Governor Richardson is currently under federal investigation for steering government contracts in New Mexico towards a company that invested significant funds to his own political campaigns.

President-Elect Obama offered the Governor the position of Commerce Secretary as a result of Richardson’s impressive experience of job creation in New Mexico as well as investing in new sources of Green technology.

The Federal Investigation alleges that the CEO of the alien company Krullakz Energy Inc., Fwqqu Zxyvxy, donated thousands of dollars to Richardson’s gubernatorial campaigns as well as his most recent failed presidential campaign.  In exchange, Richardson pushed for no-bid contracts to be given to Krullakz for establishing Green energy infrastructure throughout the state.

“I don’t think this would be such a big deal if it were an American energy firm,” political analyst Donna Brazille said.  “The contracts Richardson created were actually extremely beneficial for the people of New Mexico and the nation.  It’s just that he did exclusive business with an alien company.”

“Richardson is being made an example of for supporting aliens over Americans at a time when this country is very pro-America. “