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WASHINGTON –  A hot mic picked up a private conversation between Barack Obama and Medvedev and now rumors are spreading across the internet that President Obama is KGB.

President Obama was caught on an unseen mic plotting with the leader of one of our oldest adversaries and it seemed like a scene out of a James Bond movie.  “After my election, I have more flexibility,” President Obama said as he tapped Russian President Dimitry Medvedev three times on the left knee (a typical KGB move). “I understand.  I transmit information to Vladimir,” Medvedev said to he tapped Obama’s right knee in response.

They both leaned back and smiled at reporters – and reportedly they each put their right pinky finger to the corner of their mouths.

Apparently, they forgot to step into the cone of silence.

Not since the tapes of Richard Nixon has a U.S. president been caught uttering such sinister words in an unguarded moment.   Many Republicans considered the  off-mic comments of Obama treason.   Those Republicans have disappeared.

Obama has been very close to newly elected (anointed) President Putin for years:

Sources say that Obama’s cold, calculating message reveals that he will work with the Russians even if it goes against the will of the American people.  Some insiders say Obama’s KGB nickname is “Nyet”.

The President is reportedly a real expert with binoculars.  He’ll see you coming:

Or going:

President Obama left for India after leaving North Korea.  Sources say Obama jumped out of Air Force one with a parachute and landed in a speed boat that was driven by – Vladimir Putin.  Where were they going?  Nobody is sure.  But, it’s safe to say, they were up to no good.

Is President Obama working for the Russians?  Are the Russians working with the Chinese?  Are the Chinese talking to the Brazilians?  And where is Miss Moneypenny when you need her?