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NEW YORK – Ginger Lee held a press conference with her lawyer, Gloria Allred.   The topic: Weiner’s package.

Ginger Lee, the former porn star, broke her silence today about Anthony Weiner.  She stood with her attorney, Gloria Allred and spoke about her online relationship with the New York Congressman.

Lee said she first had online contact with Weiner in March.  She is a big supporter of Planned Parenthood and she thought he was a good advocate for the organization.  Weiner, however, had other ideas.  He kept telling her about his “package.”

She also said that Weiner told her to lie about her online relationship with her.   He advised her how to deceive reporters and the public.

Lee did not want to talk about his “package” – either on Twitter or via email – and tried to steer her online conversations back to Planned Parenthood.  But Weiner was persistent.

“You’ve never seen a package like mine before. I guarantee it.  And it can last all night.  Talk about a filibuster?”  Weiner emailed.

“You ever get a package from New York City?  The BIG Apple?”  Weiner tweeted.  “You think the Statue of Liberty is big?  Forget about it,  wait until you see this.”

“I want to send you a special Congressional package.   You like the Constitution?… I’ll give you the Constitution, wrapped around my little Anthony.  Whoa… this thing is bopping up and down just thinking about you putting your hands on my big John Hancock.”  Weiner tweeted.

Lee just wants to get back to her life as a “featured dancer” at a Strip Club.  Being associated with Weiner’s package has caused her to lose out on some significant tips.  Allred estimated that Lee has lost between 100 and 150 “feature” lap dances since the scandal broke.

Lee thinks that Weiner should resign.  “He doesn’t have any good morality,” she said.

Lee also announced that she is running for Weiner’s seat in Congress and has promised  free lap dances to the 1,000 donors to her campaign.