NEW YORK – Ginger Lee held a press conference with her lawyer, Gloria Allred.   The topic: Weiner’s package.
Ginger Lee, the former porn star, broke her silence today about Anthony Weiner.  She stood with her attorney, Gloria Allred and spoke about her online relationship with the New York Congressman.

Lee said she first had online contact with Weiner in March.  She is a big supporter of Planned Parenthood and she thought he was a good advocate for the organization.  Weiner, however, had other ideas.  He kept telling her about his “package.”
She also said that Weiner told her to lie about her online relationship with her.   He advised her how to deceive reporters and the public.

Lee did not want to talk about his “package” – either on Twitter or via email – and tried to steer her online conversations back to Planned Parenthood.  But Weiner was persistent.
“You’ve never seen a package like mine before. I guarantee it.  And it can last all night.  Talk about a filibuster?”  Weiner emailed.
“You ever get a package from New York City?  The BIG Apple?”  Weiner tweeted.  “You think the Statue of Liberty is big?  Forget about it,  wait until you see this.”
“I want to send you a special Congressional package.   You like the Constitution?… I’ll give you the Constitution, wrapped around my little Anthony.  Whoa… this thing is bopping up and down just thinking about you putting your hands on my big John Hancock.”  Weiner tweeted.
Lee just wants to get back to her life as a “featured dancer” at a Strip Club.  Being associated with Weiner’s package has caused her to lose out on some significant tips.  Allred estimated that Lee has lost between 100 and 150 “feature” lap dances since the scandal broke.
Lee thinks that Weiner should resign.  “He doesn’t have any good morality,” she said.
Lee also announced that she is running for Weiner’s seat in Congress and has promised  free lap dances to the 1,000 donors to her campaign.

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  1. I can see the headlines now following Gloria Allred's New York press conference with her client, former adult actress Ginger Lee, regarding her tweets and interaction with Rep. Anthony Weiner.
    "Porn Star Refuses To Hide Problem With Mr. Weiner"
    "Sex Star Distraught Over Mounting Pressure From Weiner Situation"
    "Weiner Interaction Causes Porn Star To Seek Public Relief"

  2. A Porn Star! I can't believe we have to listen to the ruminations of a Porn Star! Simply Google Video Search: Ginger Lee and let us know if you can find any Truth.

  3. What?! A stripper ex porn star talking about MORALITY?! Give me a break. Just another hustler taking advantage of a situation. Get rid of weiner and give NO attention or media to the stripper.

  4. I'm can't believe that this woman has the time to discuss Moral Issues or the Truth. We don't need her on the pulpit. We need her to go back to her day job as a DNA Receptionist.

  5. He is smart and aggressive and fights for the working guy, what has his kinkiness and freakiness got to do with it? One Weiner is worth 100 stupid and lazy politicians.

    • Well,morriswise If he did this VERY DUMB thing,being in office and letting 'the world' in on it,again,and again,and again?What does that say to you?He did not know?He did not think?.He did not care?What HE wants for himself,comes FIRST ? That's very selfish.Now if he did not think here,…how many other times has he done this,"not think" when it had something to do with you,and yours,that you did not find out about ?Being aggressive works,as long as you use it,and it does not use you.Seeing his 'anger bursts',he lost control,and was being used,and one in that state,as you know is NOT thinking clearly.The idea that this man,with a smart,pregnant,beautiful wife,is calling on these "lap dancer" types,says what to you as a man??? To me,as a person,he seems sneaky and self centered,and selfish,plus stupid of course.All of these things will reflect in his judgments.He acts very juvenile,sexually,kid stuff.And is capable of some really stupid moves.Besides the 100 stupid lazy politicians,that you speak of,there are ALSO 200 good guys too,and many,many who are smart enough not to get caught.

    • The only answer I can supply is; his actions will put him into a different job capacity. I would think public sanitation might be a logical starting point. Your best buddy/hero might not be everyone elses buddy or hero. I'm sorry!

  6. I guess Weiner has not seen any of her movies. This girl is used to taken big packages and nothing really surprises her at this point

  7. What would you call it? Common sense? Having brains ?……..As some body posted,he does good for the average man,well good ! How about for himself ? To go on a very 'public venue',and say the things that have been reported,is shocking.NOT at all what he said,..but how 'stupid' he is and was to do it.Out there for ALL to read.Does he desire attention?Well,he got it.Watching the spot of him screaming and lashing out at someone,on the floor of the house,was not what I like to see,loosing control,his anger taking over,not good.Your thinking is not clear in anger.I think that he needs a shrink,..bad.And just plain DUMB,it's like going out into the street and screaming,"DON'T LOOK AT ME." I don't trust someone like this,doing anything for me.He is dangerous.

  8. If he runs for office again and loses, it might make for an interesting headline or two. Like: " Weiner hanging low after getting beaten in long, hard campaign"

  9. Remember it was kinky Weiner that had the balls to expose Clarence Thomas and his multi-million dollar family scam. Lets worship Weiner`s balls instead of trying to castrate them.

  10. Weiner is already on his way to a nut roast. I don't think he needs too much more help from Ginger. What he did is not all that unique he's simply the one that got caught. On top of that, now he's acting like a weenie. Moral of the story?, Don't be a f ***ing weenie! Case closed.

  11. These politicians don't seem to understand the Internet isn't anonymous if they tell people who they are. D'oh. Granted – he sent a lot of those messages when he was single. But the most recent stuff was as a married guy…and that's not going to win you any votes or respect in Peoria.


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