RUSSIA – There is mounting scientific evidence that proves the existence of parallel worlds.

Physicists at Stanford University managed to calculate the hypothetical number of universes that were formed as a result of the Big Bang. According to them, the Big Bang created 101016 universes. It is quite possible, though, that they may exist inside one another, including our planet. Therefore, there is probably another Earth hidden inside planet Earth.

The hollow Earth theory can be traced back to ancient periods of the history of human civilization. Ancient wise men believed that there was a whole underground world with its underground creatures living inside the planet. It may seem to many that it is only a primeval and naïve perception of the structure of the world.

In Ancient Greece, there was a myth about Tartar – the ominous underground world. Philosopher Anaxagoras (5th century A.D) built a model of creation made of the flat earth surrounded by the air sphere and the cloud of ether. He wrote about the existence of the parallel world with its people, cities and even celestial bodies. If planet Earth is the center of the universe, where do these people live? Do they live under the ground?

Hypotheses about the existence of hollow space inside planet Earth appeared later as well. The theory was put forward by Galilei, Franklin and Lichtenberg among others.

In 1818, John Cleves Symmes showered the US Congress, universities and prominent scientists with messages, in which he was trying to prove that the Earth was made of several concentric spheres with openings near the poles.

Soviet academician V. Obruchev put forward a hypothesis about a giant meteorite that rammed into Earth in primeval times. According to him, the meteorite may have broken through the planet’s crust and created hollowness inside.

US researcher Cyrus Teed said that the surface of the Earth might be the interior shell of a sphere. The theory became known as “concave hollow Earth” hypothesis. According to this theory, we all live on the inner shell of the Earth.

Let’s just assume that the underground world exists and that there is someone living there in that world. What may those creatures look like? Can they be the mysterious monsters, the existence or non-existence of which has been perplexing mankind for centuries?

Margarita Troitsyna

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  1. How Deep are you talking? they discovered various Underground places it may be a Hollogram if thats true the Aliens and Humans have Thought this through hard asteroids move in long ball pacific (DEFINED as Peace -Synonyms CALM,ETCETERA I looked in My collegiate dictionary found that word today )Dr. Phil MCGRAW IS doing Aliens in July on Telivision show month July dedicated to Aliens Where did he come from Oprah Winfrey who has her own TV Channel Like my Neice and what else he lol looks like Magoo Wifes "Saturated with MOISTURE or soggy.?/?

    • Well, if we want to get wild and if we go by the Bible that the world is a little over 6000 years, and yet, in Lascaux, France and many other places in the world, we have cave paintings dating back to more than 30,000 years…. Not just kids’ nonsense, but paintings that can be compared to the most prominent painters in the world! Well, maybe those people were from another world…. They were mesmerized by the animals they saw. Just a thought.

  2. I do believe there are parallel hidden worlds and not just one either I believe there is a hidden world above and one below and we the human race are in the middle I can't prove any of it, its just theory of mine.
    Another thing I have noticed over the last couple of months is that the sea levels are becoming very unpredictable and a lot of things that were lost in the sea are now being found i.e Atlantis, The Titanic ship and other biblical objects are being uncovered right before our eyes. Just imagine the seas drying up, I know a scary thought but that's the first wold that's buried under there its right under our feet so it doesn't surprise me that there is a a hidden world inside earth.

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