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WASHINGTON, DC – President Obama is planning to hypnotize children across the country with his webcast!

President Obama is set to deliver a live webcast to every school in the country next Tuesday, under the premise of encouraging children to do well in the coming school year.  Weekly World News has discovered that the President is planning to hypnotize the children of America to indoctrinate them wtih a liberal agenda.

Anonymous sources from within the White House confirm that new technology is being used to brainwash anyone who watches Obama’s webcast to become “Agents of Change.”  At the beginning of the speech the President will broadcast theta-waves over the internet connection, slowly lulling viewers into a highly suggestible hypnotic trance.  Once this state is achieved, heightened rhetoric and visual subliminal messages will be used to indoctrinate the Children of America.

“It’s really simple actually,” said the anonymous source.  “Get all the children and teachers behind your cause, so the next generation is primed to do your bidding.  Then it’s a simple step to remove the Constitution, put yourself in a position of irrevocable power, and turn the country into a European-style Muslim Socialist state.”

While Obama is telling children to “focus on goals” subliminal messages will be telling children what their goals are: socialized health care and gay marriage.  When Obama asks children to “visualize” their goals and create “collages” the subliminal messages will actually be telling them to watch their parents and report any non-liberal activity directly to the government.

Several schools and school districts are opposed to the mandatory webcast, and are choosing to not air it.  Teachers and officials are critical of it fear their names are being put on a list for later government reprisal.  No intimidation or strange disappearances have yet been reported.