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I’m madder than a chimp without his Xanax about that monkey cartoon!

Seems the New York Post did a cartoon everybody’s angry about. I don’t get it. Something about that crazy monkey that got shot, but also about the bailout. Guess I’m getting old – whatever happened to Mary Worth, for Pete’s sake?


Anyhow, that Reverend Al Sharptongue says the cartoon’s a prejudiced joke about Obama and black people. Now I really don’t get it. That’s like saying the Post’s “White Sale” ads are recruiting for the Klan.

That Reverend Al sure is a busy guy, though. When’s he not getting sued for calling the D.A. a rapist, or getting charged with tax evasion, or leading rioters through Crown Heights, he’s saying O.J. was innocent or threatening to beat up Jews.

I can’t figure out how he finds time to play golf or embezzle or whatever else preachers are supposed to do all day.

Now Reverend Al wants to march to the Post to protest this cartoon that nobody would’ve seen if he’d kept his bullhorn switched off. It’s the New York Post – who reads it anyhow?

Last time Reverend Al protested a place in New York, it got burned down.

I’m not saying burning down the Post would be a bad thing, except all the booze in the editors’ desk drawers would make the fire pretty hard to put out. But seems to me that everywhere this Reverend Al goes, something weird happens.

America: unless we all learn to laugh at unfunny, confusing cartoons, we’ll turn into one of those crazy Crapistan countries where they, well, riot and kill people over them. Maybe Al Sharptongue should move there.

You know, whoever said “Why can’t we all just get along?” must have been a very wise man…