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Everybody knows Hillary Clinton wears the pants in that crazy family, but now she could go to jail for it!

Today I saw on the computer machine that it’s illegal for Frenchwomen to wear pants in public!  I guess that’s where that rhyme came from: “I see Paris, I see France, I see ladies underpants”!

I thought at first this had something to do with all the crazy A-rabs who live in France now and are always setting cars on fire and stuff.

Everybody knows they want all ladies to wear garbage bags.

But no: it is some old law that’s still on the books. Any lady who wears pants in Paris can go to jail!

Does that mean that they’d arrest Hillary Clinton if she went there? And if that’s true, then how fast can we get her on a plane? They got rid of that Concord, right?

And how can we get a law like that over here, except this time for tube tops on fat ladies? Or just “no fat ladies” altogether?!

Anyhow, we can send Hillary to France, and they can send us their First Lady or whatever they call her over there. Now that’s one hot mama! Why can’t our First Ladies look like that instead of linebackers in drag?

I don’t know why we just can’t elect that Carrie Prefab First Lady for life! Show me in the Constitution where you can’t have boob implants in the White House!