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TOKYO, JAPAN – Following reports this week of a Japanese restaurant employing monkey waiters, Shibuya hideaway, DaiDai, has hired the world’s tiniest Bigfoot!

Standing just under 3 feet tall, the mini-Bigfoot, known as Kyojin, buses tables while occasionally standing in for the hostess on busy nights.

“Kyojin can do the work of 3 busboys, despite his tiny stature,” DaiDai manager Masaru Ito said through a translator.

When asked if the company had any reservations about hiring a Bigfoot to work in the restaurant, Ito replied, “None at all. The Bigfoot are magical creatures highly respected and revered in Japan. It is an honor to have one wash your dishes.”

Whether we will continue to see the employment of these creatures in Japan is yet to be known. As the world economy continues its downturn, the potential for a backlash against companies choosing to employ super-natural born citizens is likely to increase.