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RUNAWAY BAY, TX – A man in Texas found what he believes to be a chupacabra on a golf course!

Tony Potter was on the Runaway Bay golf course when he noticed something lying near hole 14. Upon closer inspection, it was a dead, unknown creature!

It is a brown, hairless animal with inch-long toes, curved claws, long hind legs and oversize canine teeth.

“This is a weird little critter,” Potter said. “This is not a coyote. This is not a dog.”

It has none of the accompanying lesions that occur with mange, the usual explanation for debunking chupacabra findings. Unsure of what it was, he took it to a veterinarian, who also was unable to identify it.

Chupacabra sightings generally occur in the States in Texas. Potter believes this specimen is a juvenile male.

[Image credit: WC Messenger]