What happens when two souls are reincarnated in a single body?
That is the provocative question that Dr. Sankar Khan is attempting to answer.
“Some individuals are not truly one person, but two,” says Dr. Khan, who’s been conducting reincarnation studies in Mumbai, India, for the past 26 years.
According to Dr. Khna, a reincarnated soul enters its new body when the fetus is at an early stage of development.
“Usually a single soul enters the embryo – but sometimes two spirits, eager to be reborn, each elbow their way into the child.
“When this occurs, the body usually responds and the result is a splitting of the embryo into two, leading to the birth of twins.”
This explains why many identical twins, though raised in the same environment, are polar opposites in personality, he adds. In rare cases the two spirits develop a powerful bond and the flesh refuses to part completely, notes Dr. Khan. “This results in conjoined twins.”
And sometimes physical division fails to take place at all. “When the spirits are very different in nature this can lead to the tragic condition known as ‘multiple personality disorder,'” says the expert. “In these cases there are two radically different persons trapped in one body, taking turns controlling it – totally unaware of one another. In a few instances, more than a dozen souls end up crowded together in a chaotic jumble!”
Normally, however, two souls can co-exist harmoniously.
“Usually one spirit is dominant and the other remains dormant, asserting itself only in times of stress,” says Dr. Khan. “I estimate that this is the case of perhaps 1 in 10 people.
“A telltale sign of such individuals is their tendency to talk to themselves, as they consult their inner companion.”
Occasionally, the seams do show, he adds. “Typically, throughout their lives, double-souled individuals tend to be full of inner conflict.
“Again and again, they find themselves torn between two lovers, two career goals, two dreams of the future.
“Each of their souls pulls them in an opposite direction.”
Are you double-souled?
According to Dr. Khan, you are likely to be double-souled if you:
– Have difficulty making important decisions, swaying first in one direction, then the other.
– Talk to yourself often throughout the day.
– Are ambidextrous.
– Often find yourself in love with more than one person at the same time.
– Frequently “can’t believe” what you did the night before.
– Alternate between using your real name and a special nickname.
– Sometimes sign your name so differently that it is almost unrecognizable.
– Love a song one day and later, can’t stand it.


    • I happen to believe it because I am double souled, I have another soul the follows me everywhere and talks to me named Era. Her and I don’t get along a lot but I manage. So shut up because people like this have many more problems than you, Era find joy in my misfortune and causes depression and self harm.

  1. It is true. Just because you do not know this does not mean it is not happening. Some persons do it by choice with an agreement to share one body. One benefit is that one of you can retain your memories from other lives. Because one of the souls does not have to be "attached" or bonded with the physical body to share it at all. The one "not all the way with it" will remind the other that is "all the way with the body" who they are and they both will remember what they have done. There are obviously many benefits to doing this.
    In other words, everyone can remember what you did in other lives, you just don't know what to think about and remember. So you don't access the memories as easily if you are not having the help of a "friend". But once you do, you know it just like you know any other memory that you are already aware of. There are techniques that single soul people can use to remember, and hypnosis is one of them.
    So I am telling you, this is a reality. We do this so that we do not forget who we are. There are MANY benefits to doing it this way. How do I know? Because I am doing it with my other right now and we have been doing it through many lives.

    • Chaplin have you ever experienced one soul as extremely dysfunctional and willing to hurt the body? Literally stating an opposition to the other soul and if s/he didnt get what it wanted was willing to take on negative thoughts, words, and actions?

  2. my boyfriend has seen me talking out loud to my self. I dont know if that was wrong. because i have done it all my life. I never saw it to be wrong until he said, that it wasn't normal.

    • Bianca that is called self talking as noted many psych texts, it is usually noted as seen in children or when an adult becomes stressed…a self soothing technique.

  3. This confirms my thought I am a twin from birth my brother was underdeveloped. As far back as I can remember I’ve always showed every symptom. I have been diagnosed with split personality. I go by birth name David and he is Houston we met him in a lucid dream. The only time I know we he took over was when i fell alsleep behind the wheel, I woke up about 50 mile down the road. However I believe from what my girlfriend has told me, sometimes I act like two people. Is it possible for both souls to control the body at the same time.


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