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NORFOLK, VA – After being rejected by NBC for risque content, PETA has reshot their TV ad in a bid to nab a Superbowl slot.

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, recently had a proposed Superbowl ad pulled from the line-up because NBC claimed the spot was “too sexual.”  The commercial contained scantily clad women in intimate situations with vegetables.

Hoping to appeal NBC’s decision, PETA has now reshot their ad with a toned down abstinence-friendly theme.

Instead of a model caressing herself with celery, she and the celery stick now take a long walk on a beach.

One model who had sensually rubbed an apple across her lips now chastely holds hands with the fruit while listening to NPR.

A vegetarian talks about her feelings with broccoli.  Models and potatoes play board games together.  And a woman exchanges promise rings with a tomato.

In the original ad, a naked woman was seen getting into a jacuzzi with several vegetables at once.  Now several vegetables and a woman in a full-coverage Mormon swimsuit are washing cars to help support starving children in Africa.

NBC’s director of programming Veronica Carlyle has yet to comment on the updated commercial.