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Glowing red arcs, invisible to the naked eye, may destroy Europe by June, 2013.

Red geomagnetic storms are streams of high-energy, charged particles come rushing from the sun to batter Earth.  They are known as Red Arcs.  And they can be catastrophic.

The Red Arc events are disruptions in the magnetosphere, the part of Earth’s atmosphere dominated by the planet’s magnetic field. These Red Arc storms are giant, bright auroras in Earth’s polar regions.  They are the electrically charged part of Earth’s atmosphere, stretching from about 50 to 370 miles above the Earth.


The arcs give off a very powerful wavelength of red light, and can cause massive damage to buildings, forests and humans.

Scientists had thought there was too much light pollution over Europe for the red arcs to have any affect. But now, the new Italian Army has confirmed that the Red Arcs have broken through the pollution and will… destroy Europe.

“We think Europe will probably erupt in a gigantic inferno,” said Luigi Castrologica, a Professor at the University of Rome.  “The Red Arcs are focused like a laser beam on Italy, France, Spain, Germany and the southern part of England.  These countries will all be wiped out.”


The United States said that it would like to send anti-Red Arc missiles to Europe, but because of the sequester, “we just don’t have the money to ship our missiles over there. Sorry,” said Jay Carney, White House spokesperson.

What can Europe do about the coming Red Arc apocalypse?

“Pray. That’s all they can do.  Pray that the Red Arc somehow dissipate before striking Europe.  Otherwise, we are doomed,” said Castrologica.