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 Britney Spears is back together with Kevin Federline.  They plan to re-marry.

Britney and K=Fed  were watching their sons Sean and Jaden play soccer over the weekend, and that night – they reunited.  They are in love again!


K-Fed was at the park with girlfriend Victoria Prince and nd their 1 1/2-year-old daughter Jordan Kay whom Brit spent time playing with while her boys were busy running around.  Rumors are that Britney loves Jordan Kay and plans on adopting Victoria’s baby.

Sources say that Britney and K-Fed never looked happier.


Recently Christopher Federline, K.Fed’s brother, claimed that he was the baby daddy for Britney Spears’ oldest son, Jayden.  He says Spears has blackmailed, harassed, and stolen his credit card. Christopher claims that she threatened to expose his trist with her while she was married to his brother, if he said anything about the $4,500 she stole from using his credit card. He also claims she’s been bashing him to friends and family about having a “small penis.”

But K-Fed confirmed with WWN that he is, in fact, the father of Jayden and that contrary to his brother – he has a “big penis.”

Britney and K-Fed plan to wed again in Jamaica, where they are heading next week.