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Led Zeppelin will tour the United States in the Summer of 2013.  The Black Keys will open them on tour.

Robert Plant reportedly told Australian reporters that Led Zeppelin decided last fall that would tour the U.S. in the summer of 2013 and then spend 2014 touring the rest of the world.   “I have nothing to do”  Plant reportedly told the newspaper.



Plant said that the band would have had reunion tour several years ago, but his bandmates – Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones – were dragging their heals.  “They are Capricorns and don’t say a word. I’m not the bad guy.  The Capricorns really hold things up,” he said. 


The three surviving Zeppelin members and drummer Jason Bonham — whose dad, original drummer John Bonham, died in 1980 — did a round of worldwide press in 2012 surrounding a 2007 convert they recorded and released as the CD/DVD “Celebration Day.”   They have been rehearsing in secrecy for the last seven months.

“I actually think we sound better than ever,”  Plant reportedly said.   A number of fans do NOT want the band to tour for fear that they would not be as good as they were.  “They are the best band ever to play rock n’ roll, it would be impossible for them to live up to…themselves,” said Led Zeppelin superfan, Doug Gipple, of London.


There are also rumors that Led Zeppelin  is going to play at halftime during the Super Bowl in Giants Stadium in January of 2014. “We’re gonna play the bowl, even if there’s a blizzard.  We’ve played under a blanket of white powder before,”  Plant reportedly said.


The Black Keys, winners of multiple Grammys two weeks ago, will open for Led Zeppelin on the tour.   Robert Plant thinks that The Black Keys are a great match.  “They’re the only group that I can stomach today.  Most of the other the bands out there are shite.”

LiveNation is reportedly handling ticket sales for the 70 city tour.