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I’m madder than a Arab with a three-legged camel about Al Gore selling his network to the enemy.

Arab-lover Al Gore has sold his puke of a network to a bunch of  sand eaters who make all their money selling oil that burns up the environment that causes Al Gore to make documentaries that make him millions so he can stuff his piehole with climate change cake!

I’m sick of the bloated Al Gore and his hypocritical ways, flying around in his private jet, meeting with Arabs who want to blow up this country.  He thinks he’s Al of Arabia, trying to get them Arabs to put up a statue of him in the desert, so their donkeys can piss on it.


The GoreMonster just made a cool $100 mill selling out to the Emir of Qatar-funded Arab news channel Al-Jazeera.

Al-Jazeera plans to turn the network into Al-Jazeera America and recruit people to join Al Gore in hating everything about this country.  Gorezeera is going to probably host a nightly show called, “America Sucks”.   How could Sheryl Crow ever bang this guy?


The GoreMonster won’t stop until every woman in America is wearing a burkha and shouting “Death to Israel. Death to America.”   He’s probably gonna send his ex-wife to Saudi Arabia so she can be beaten for driving a car.

Even though he had a problem with televised beheadings, Gore wanted to sell Current to Al Qaeda but they didn’t offer him enough money so he could gain another two hundred pounds and five chins.

Enough of this Sheik sh*t – SEND AL GORE TO ARABIA.   Get him a camel hump, so we don’t have to look at his America-hating face anymore.