One Direction’s Harry Styles dumped Taylor Swift after a big fight in the Caribbean.

The stars were on  the island of Virgin Gorda, but Harry soon got tired of Swift’s whining and moaning about every little thing and decided to leave her on the island alone.  “She was so annoying,”  a friend of Styles told WWN.  “Harry couldn’t take it anymore.”


Richard Branson was staying nearby and he heard Swift yelling at Harry about sunscreen and he reportedly told the hot young star, “you better watch out for her, she’s a high maintenance gal.”


Swift’s people told WWN that Harry just didn’t like that she made fun of his bird collection.  “Harry is sensitive about his birds and Taylor thought that was ridiculous,” said a member of Swift’s band.
After telling Swift that he’d rather be alone on a desert island than spend another minute with her, Harry went and stayed in Branson’s Virgin Gorda palace.
“Harry went to Branson’s island for the day to let off some steam.”
The source added: “He did plenty of partying and was definitely enjoying himself while hanging out with guests. He returned to Virgin Gorda in the early morning hours looking like he had a raucous night.”
It’s all such a terrible shame, especially because Taylor is pregnant with Harry’s baby.


Swift, 23, who previously had relationships with singer John Mayer and actor Jake Gyllenhaal, is known for penning ballads about her love life.  Sources close to Swift say she only dated Harry so she could get a song out of him.  “She wanted to write about stupid Brits who don’t know how to love, so she dated Harry,” a friend of Swift’s told WWN.
Swift and Styles – heading off in two directions.

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  1. She deserves it after nearly splitting them up ever since i heard she nearly split 1D up i havnt listnined to hur. She such a b***h for only dating him for a f***ing song!!!!!!!

    • taylor would never do that i know she wouldn't it just isnt her people do this is get MONEY people!!!!! Taylor is loyal and sweet and nice if she did do something like that then she would have to tell everyone!!!!! SO STOP BEING SO EASY TO PLAY A TRICK ON!!!! the people who made the article did this to get money!! If you know taylor then you know she would never do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • uh no Taylor is probably having sex with guys as much as she can and just to piss us directioners off she makes fun of harry styles in her music video "22" and at the Grammys she needs to grow up and quit the music biz so we don't have to listen to her awful voice any longer than we have to

  2. What the heck?! Why is no one freaking out that Taylor might be pregnant with Harry's baby?! NO, JUST NO. If she is, I'd flip out, hate Taylor even more, and spam Harry's twitter with nonstop lectures. THAT is what a true Directioner does.

  3. She did not date him for a song you don't know her so don't criticize her. OK get over yourself fs if all it taqkes is for harry girlfriend to get pregnant to split up one direction then good i hope they do and i dont like 1D but im not calling them names because i have no right to because i dont know who they are so stop being hateful and GET OVER YOURSELF you are TROLLS !

  4. Mickey, are you 5? It's obvious to even 'Directioners', I guess is what they call themselves, that her dating him just for a song is a lie. I don't like 1D, like at all, but you don't see me calling Harry an ass or anything for dating Taylor for being popular and having publicity (which is a lie as well). Anyways, I'm kindof sad and glad they broke up, obviously it wasn't working for them, but they were happy for awhile. I personally doubt a lot of things in this article, but who knows?

    • i agree and her voice is awful and we shouldn't need to listen to it and harry didn't need her excessive whining and stupidity, he has a beautiful voice and she is just jealous of that and wants to make herself look better but it only makes her look worse.

  5. im freaking out and crying at the moment what if the baby really is Harrys i would kill someone or never come out of my room and cry for the rest of my life and hate Taylor Swift more than ever

    • This is fake! Its been 9 months since they dated and she is still skinny and no signs a pregnancy. You're stuid to thing she would actually have a baby with him. She's not stupid.

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