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WWN has learned that Taylor Swift’s relationship with Harry Styles has caused One Direction to call it quits.

“The band has decided to go in two directions,” said a producer close to One Direction. “Harry Style’s lover, Taylor Swift, is the new Yoko Ono.  It’s all her fault.” 


Tensions reached a “boiling point” over the weekend when Styles joined Swift on her private jet instead of traveling from New York to London with his One Direction mates.  Later Harry did a Skype call with the rest of the band and told them he wanted to go out on his own.   Harry is planning on doing a solo record and a record with Taylor Swift.

Fans were outraged and brokenhearted  – to say the least.  “How can they break up when they are the biggest band in the world!  They can’t… please tell me it’s not true,” said Cindy Janjiggian of Crystal Lake, IL.   “I would die if they broke up.”


Harry, 18, wants to pursue business opportunities by himself, without having to get the ‘okay’ from the other guys.

Harry feels that he is the biggest star in the band and he has millions of fans in America.  “He gets offers every day for projects.  The band is holding him back,” said a friend close to Harry.  “He’s already looking at several film offers and may even do arena shows on his own this summer.”

Remaining members – Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson – “are going to head in a new direction.  In fact that’s the name of the new band – New Direction,” said the new manager of the new band.


Simon Cowell, who originally signed the band, is reportedly livid that the band broke up and he’s planning a major lawsuit against Styles – and Swift.  Even though the band is signed with Columbia Records now, Simon still feels a close tie to the band.  “Simon’s not happy and when Simon’s not happy – watch out!” said a person who used to be close to Simon.


President Obama, whose daughters love One Direction, has reportedly invited Harry Styles to Hawaii (without Swift).  “The President realizes how important the band is to American teenage girls and he wants to rectify the situation,” said White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney.