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With December 21 – ‘the end of the world’  – looming – President Obama headed with his family and friends to his $50 million U.S. bunker.

President Obama has been taken to his government-made bunker located somewhere in West Virginia.  The President doesn’t believe the world will end, but just in case he is being taken to the bunker where he will be able to live with his family and friends for at least a year.


President Obama is taking his wife, his daughters, five members of his staff, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Rahm Emanuel, Tiger Woods, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Michael Jordan, Valerie Jarret, Van Jones, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire and the band One Direction with him to the bunker.

“The President wants to have essential people with him, so that in case the world ends, it can reboot with an A-List group of people,” said a source close to The White House.


Vice President Biden was upset that he was not taken to the President Bunker, but he was told “somebody needs to stay in The White House and “keep an eye on things.”

The bunker is equipped with all the latest modern convenience and President Obama is reportedly eager to spend time in the lavish bunker with his family.  “It’s going to be one big party for a long time if the world ends.  The President is looking forward to it, “said Jay Carney, President Obama’s Press Secretary.  Jay Carney was not invited to the bunker.


America is dotted with bunkers – several working and others long out of use and turned into quirky museums and hotels.

At the height of nuclear tensions with Cuba and the Soviets in the early Sixties, JFK built a bunker on Peanut Island, across from his family’s Florida compound.

The President is reportedly encouraging all Americans to head for their bunkers and if they do not have bunkers then, “please know that if the world ends, that I will restart it in your memory.”

Good luck!