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Hillary Clinton recommended her husband to be the new U.S. Ambassador to Libya and Bill Clinton has agreed to the post.


Many have wondered how former president Bill Clinton would be repaid for his support of Barack Obama during the last election. Hillary Clinton told her boss, President Obama, that her husband would be the perfect man for the Libyan job.  President Obama agreed and Bill will be heading to Libya in January.  Some inside the White House are already calling him – Benghazi Bill.


Bill has been popular in the Mideast, having been “active in shepherding the peace process.”  There’s a statue of Bill Clinton that was recently erected at a golf course in Tripoli.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded to questions about her husband’s new job.  “I know Bill will do well in Libya.  If anyone can bring peace to that region, it is Bill.”

“I think I may even run for President of Libya,”  Bill reportedly told the Tripoli Times.


Bill Clinton originally wanted the British Ambassador job, but that is now is going to Anna Wintour.

Meanwhile, plenty of rumors are circulating about Bill Clinton’s wife as well.  Hillary Clinton is stepping down from her post of Secretary of State, leading some to speculate about who will replace her.  Insiders say that Jay-Z may be replacing her.