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SALT LAKE CITY  –  Goat Man was  among a herd of wild goats in the mountains of northern Utah has wildlife as hunting season approaches.

Joe Flanagan of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources said there have been numerous reports of  The Goat Man in the past three weeks.

“My first concern is that hunters are going to try to shoot him as a prize to put on their wall.  We don’t want hundreds of hunters out there killing a half-man, half-goat.”

Flanagan said a man hiking Sunday along Ben Lomond peak in the mountains above Ogden, about 40 miles north of Salt Lake City, spotted the The Goat Man among a herd of real goats. The person provided some blurry photographs to Douglass, who said they did not appear to have been altered.  The man said that the thought The Goat Man was having sex with one of the herd.

Wildlife officials, with the protection of the Utah National Guard want to talk to The Goat Man man so that he is aware of the fact that he is being hunted.  They also hope that they can bring The Goat Man in and get him some help at a local zoo (and a local therapist).

“We’ve had hundreds of similar reports over the last few weeks,” Flanagan said. He encouraged people to stay away from Northern Utah. “There’s a saying we have among biologists – You don’t go far enough, you don’t get the data. You go too far, you don’t go home. The same is true with some wildlife enthusiasts.”

These goats were accused of “hiding” their friend, The Goat Man.

Flanagan said 2,060 permits were issued for goat hunting season in that area, which begins in September. He worries The Goat Man might be the “prize catch.”

“He may get agitated. They’re territorial.  He is, after all, partly a wild animal,” he said.

Flanagan went on to say, “I want people to enjoy Utah’s wildlife. We live in a really neat place. We have wildlife all around us and we want people to be safe.”

Unfortunately, the Goat Man attacked a herd of goats, tearing them to shreds last night.  These are the goats:

The FBI is now involved and it looks like The Goat Man is on America’s Most Wanted List now.  “He’ll be captured and put behind bars, so that citizens in the area will be safe,” said FBI agent, Sasha Malley.