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VALHALLA, NY – Killer Raccoons aren’t just in Florida.  A wild pack of killer raccoons attacked a woman at a NY railroad station.

A 43-year-old White Plains woman was attacked by a raccoon at the Valhalla train station, Mount Pleasant Police Chief Jack Porri said.

Porri said the woman saw the raccoons looking at her from underneath an adjacent car, and rushed to get into the station, but they were too fast and grabbed hold of her ankle.

The raccoons then dragged her into the nearby woods.  She was trying to fight them off, but they kept biting her – over and over again.

“She was afraid they were going to eat her alive,” said Porri.

Luckily, a ten-year-old boy with a baseball bat came and started swinging at the raccoons.  Several of the raccoons attacked him as well, but “he was good with that bat,” said Porri.  The boy killed 5-10 raccoons with the bat.

Both the woman and the boy were taken to the White Plains Hospital to be treated for numerous bites and rabies. They are both expected to survived.

People need to be cautious for wild raccoons and stay far away from  them.”

Several wild raccoons are still on the loose.   Governor Cuomo has ordered the National Guard to Valhalla.  “They have orders to kill any raccoon that moves,” said Porri.

Raccoon attacks used to be rare – but in the last two months, over 75 people have lost their lives to wild raccoons from Maine to Florida.   Authorities don’t know what it is happening, they are just hoping that it doesn’t escalate.