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MOSCOW – A snowman jumped in front of a moving train!

Passenger train “Moscow – Novy Urengoy” had to make an emergency stop in the Kirov region, after the train ran over a snowman. The snowman “emerged” on the tracks. The collision resulted in a technical malfunction for the locomotive. The train continued traveling as soon as the malfunction was fixed.

The incident occurred on March 18. The train had to stop to repair the damage that the collision caused and a number of passengers were taken to local hospitals.

Traffic police arrived at the scene, but they failed to find the snowman.  A snowman posse was setup and the area was searched for the evil snowman.

Some speculated that it was just a prank pulled by kids wearing a snowman outfit, but snowman expert, Yuri Bloosov, said, “the evidence we gather at the scene clearly point to real snowman, not fake snowman.  We have several instances of rogue snowmen over last few years.”

The following day when two boys, aged 10 and 11, found the snowman hiding up in a tree.  They alerted authorities, who came with a SWAT team.

The snowman fought back against the SWAT team – using a lethal barrage of snowballs, but eventually he was taken into custody and later left outside to melt: