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MT. PLEASANT, NY – The Eastern Cougar, (the Ghost Cat) thought to be extinct has been spotted on the East Coast!

The ferocious Ghost Cat, the Easter Cougar has been spotted up and down the east coast over the last few months.  Today it there were numerous reports of the Ghost Cat roaming the streets and woods of Mount Pleassant, NY.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service had recently determined that the species of cougar that once prowled from Michigan to Maine to South Carolina was extinct.

Oops… they were wrong.  The Eastern Cougar is alive and well and… prowling the streets!

The eastern cougar  had been removed from the federal endangered species list because it was “extinct”.. but there have been sightings of over 60 different Eastern Cougars!

There are hundreds of reports of the Eastern Cougar being spotted this year from Maine to Georgia!

Also known as pumas, panthers or catamounts, cougars are the most widely distributed land mammal in the world besides humans. Adult cats typically range from 75 to 150 pounds — much larger than Maine’s other wildcats, the bobcat or Canada lynx — and are distinguishable by their tawny color and long, thick tail.

The eastern subspecies was once abundant but was driven to extinction by humans in much of its former range by the late-1800s or early-1900s. The last confirmed eastern mountain lion was killed by a trapper in Somerset County, Maine, in 1938.

A carcass of the Ghost Cat has NEVER been found.  That’s why biologists say there is no scientific proof that a wild population of cougars exists anywhere… but those biologists discount the eyewitness accounts.

Police Chief, Louis Algano, of Mount Pleasant said that the Eastern Cougar has been terrorizing residents for the last few days.  Citizens are advised not to approach the Ghost Cat and call authorities immediately.