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LOS ANGELES – Only two months after their wedding, it looks like Kim and Kris are going their separate ways.

Kim Kardashian married Kris Humprhies in a storybook wedding in Montecito, California on August 20th, 2011.  They took a storybook honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast in Italy and they’ve had a storybook marriage for almost 64 days!  A 64-day Hollywood marriage is equal to a ten-year regular marriage.

So, according to sources close to the Kardashians, the happy couple is calling it quits.

This weekend, Kris Humphries ditched his wedding ring and was spotted carry moving boxes out of their Manhattan hotel room – where the couple had been staying for the last month.

Kris then headed off to get his weekly pedicure:

Kim did not want her ex-man to have better nails than her, so she went to her own nail salon.

Kim recently celebrated her 31st birthday, and insiders say one of the reasons the couple was fighting was because Kris didn’t remember her birthday and he only got her a pair of $600 Manolos (on sale) for her birthday.

Kris and Kim had been fighting a lot in their hotel room and guests staying in the room next door, say that the couple could be heard yelling at each other – night after night.   In addition, Kris has few fans within the Kardashian  family.

“Everybody hates Kris,” said a source close to the Kardashians said.  “He treats Kim like crap, says stupid things all the time and, frankly, many family members think he is a closeted gay who just needs to admit it.”

Kim has always said that Elizabeth Taylor is her role model, so perhaps she feels she needs to get the first marriage under her belt so she can move on and find number 2.

She’s already been out on the town  on her  own:

Some sources say that Kim is also upset because she did not get pregnant on her honeymoon.  “Kim really wanted to get pregnant and apparently Kris was ‘missing his shots’, so Kim got upset.”

Other sources say she may  be pregnant… only time will tell.