MALAYSIA –  A tour company is booking trips to Heaven.   It’s a trip of a lifetime – you don’t want to miss it!

Most people can only imagine what heaven looks like but  now tourists can gain entry to the ultimate destination of happiness in a celestial “Heaven Tour” organized b Kek Eng Seng.

Tourists, all dressed in white, go on a six-hour tour that includes all the highlights – the Gates of St. Peter,  wing ceremonies for angels, clouds, bells, and a brief glimpse of the main attraction – God.

It starts with a blessing ceremony at 6pm and then the tourists  “take off” for heaven.

Tourists are blindfolded with only yellow cloth as their tickets on the journey to heaven.  Participants have to observe a strict vegetarian diet for forty days prior to the tour.

Wong Mun Cheong, 65, from Kuala Lumpur, who took Master Kek’s  “Tour of Hell” in August, signed up for the celestial tour out of curiosity.

“Minutes into the trip, I bumped into a funny-looking fat man with a beard and within moments, a blue stork flew by and carried me to a different dimension.

“As I entered that dimension, I saw a golden green seven-foot tall God, which looked a lot like King Kong. In the blink of an eye, the blue stork brought me to another realm and I saw a beautiful woman sitting by a beautiful cascading waterfall. I made love to her for ninety hours.”

Yes, there  are accommodations in heaven.  As the tour guide, Dr. Susan Beglapah told WWN.  “The tour is only six hours in human times, but it’s two weeks in ‘heaven time.'”  Tourist will get their own cloud to relax and “reflect” on during their stay.  And there is a chance to sit by the sky and relax.  You can even take a dip in the sky if you want.

Each tourist will be taken into the “big room” to have a brief moment with the Creator.   Wong Chi Wang went into the room and described it this way, “All of a sudden, I heard a familiar voice from behind saying ‘my son, you have returned, I am so glad you’re here.   Go back to earth and do good things.”

Wang also said he bumped into his mother in heaven.  Each tourist will have one day (heaven time) to visit with relatives (but you are only allowed to go back two generations).

Some tourists are shocked to see certain relatives in heaven.  “I can not believe my Uncle Banjee was in heaven. For sure,  I thought he would be burning in hell,”  said Jyoti Aggarwali.

Other tourists said that their health issues were “healed” when they went on their tour of heaven.  And others had trouble articulating what they saw and felt.  “It blew my mind in a way that blew every thing in it and then mashed it up and turned it into a big rainbow of love,” said Jill Walton of Sante Fe, NM who went on the tour.

Perillo Tours of Teaneck New Jersey is partnering with “Heaven Tour” to sell the package to American tourists.

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