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ORLANDO – Casey Anthony’s lawyers confirmed that she will visit O.J. Simpson in jail next Wednesday.

Casey Anthony will be released on Sunday from jail and nobody (except  her lawyers) where she will live.  But, we now know that Casey will visit O.J. Simpson – inmate #1027820 – at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada.

The lawyers did not say what Casey will discuss with O.J., but some insiders close to Casey Anthony say that she is planning on writing a book with O.J., entitled, WHY I DID IT.  The book will detail exactly how each of the them got away with murder.  “It’s not a how-to book, but rather it’s a book about the American judicial system and, in particular, it examines how to send non-verbal messages to jurors.”

O.J. followed the trial closely from his Lovelock cell.  O.J. told fellow prisoners that he had been “dying of boredom” in prison, but became excited when the Casey Anthony trial started.  “He didn’t miss a minute of the trial,” said fellow inmate Chango Bard, in for manslaughter.

“He’s starstruck with Casey,” said another inmate, Bruce Bolton, in for robbery an assault. “He’s been sending her letters almost every day for the last three years, trying to tell her to ‘be positive’ and that the jurors can be manipulated.”

Casey told her lawyers that O.J.’s letters gave her hope.

Simpson is “treated like royalty by his gay posse” known as “The Girls,” behind bars, but he has put in a request to have a “conjugal” visit with Casey Anthony.  That request was denied.