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TEXAS –  A massive swarm of killer bees attacked several towns in Southern Texas, killing over two hundred people.

The first incident happened last Friday. A swarm of bees attacked an elderly couple at their South Texas ranch, killing both and injuring their son, officials said.

Tommy Morton, 76, was spraying insecticide on a bees’ nest when the bees attacked him, his 66-year-old wife, Shelly Morton, and their daughter Maggie, according to Jim Hogg County sheriff’s deputies.

Tommy Morton was spraying to kill bees that had built a hive in his attic when and they attacked him, and then went after his family  The Morton family was pronounced dead at the scene after each having been stung over 500 times.

The bees, who seem to have orderly battalions, are attacking citizens throughout the county.

“It was horrifying, you couldn’t even seen the sky there was so many of them,” said Sally Jenkins.  “It was like a storm was moving in.   We all just ran to get inside, but if you had a window or door open, they came in.  I lost three friends.”

Here’s a close-up of the killer:

Sheriff Ramon Espinoza has his Deputies out trying to kill the killer bees with everything they have:  “We are getting stung, but we all got anti-killer bee injections, which were provided by the State.  It works. So far.”

The bees were thought to be heading toward Oklahoma, but now seemed to be heading northeast.  “Looks like they’re heading up to Washington DC,” said Caleb Boozman.  “That’s be a good place for them to go.”

If you are in Texas and you see a swarm of bees – run and hide!