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LOS ANGELES, CA – Christina Aguilera arrested while seeking free flapjacks.

Near 3am this morning, 30 year old singing sensation, Christina Aguilera was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of suspicion of public drunkenness. LA county Sheriff’s officers pulled over a car that was being driven by Aguilera’s 25-year-old boyfriend Matthew Rutler. Rutler was driving in a manner leading the officers to believe that he was driving under the influence. Once pulled over the officers discovered that Aguliera was “so intoxicated she couldn’t take care of herself”.

Officers immediately arrested the two. During the arrest, witnesses recounted that both Aguliera and Rutler were screaming. “I need to get to my pancakes!” and “Don’t keep me from my flapjacks!” Rulter was booked on a misdemeanor charge of suspicion of driving under the influence.

Apparently in their drunken stupor, the two caught wind of the fact that Ihop would be serving free pancakes today and they immediately rushed to the nearest Ihop to indulge in the free fluffy flapjacks. Too bad the couple didn’t read the fine print. The free give away did not start until 7am. Had they only known, they could have sobered up and avoided this awful experience.