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ARIZONA – The Mexican Army has made an aggressive incursion into the United States.

Taking advantage of a loose U.S. border policy and because of the U.S. army is busy with conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Mexican Army has begun making incursions into the United States – seeing how far they can go.

Texas authorities saw a battalion of  armed Mexican soldiers crossing into the United States.  Large military-transport vehicles were driving north in Pima County, Arizona.

The Border Patrol felt the battalion was too large for them to take on without the help of the National Guard or the army.

“We estimate there were at least a thousand men in military transport vehicles,” said Border Patrol agent, Chris Cobb.

The Mexican army blew through the U.S. Customs checkpoint.

Mexican tanks also crossed the U.S. border – heading for the Alamo (to take it back).

Mexican soldiers got out of the transport vehicles and ran through the brush, in what clearly were reconnaissance maneuvers.

The soldiers raced up a hill to a group of abandoned buildings at a ranch where military transport vehicles with more soldiers were located.

No shots were fired… but the Border Patrol had retreated back to their bases.

Later, a Mexican flag was found in the town of  Casa Grande.

Border Patrol agents said the Mexican Army in U.S. territory for about five hours, while they were figuring out what to do.  The army then retreated back into Mexico.

“They are clearly preparing for a full-out invasion,” said Border Patrol Agent,  Philip Gladwell.  “We’ve made a request to the Obama Administration for back-up, but they refuse to send the National Guard or the Army.”

Is the Obama Administration ignoring the potential of a Mexican invasion of Arizona?

Jay Carney, the new White House Press Secretary had this comment, “I have not comment on that.”