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LOS ANGELES,  CA – A new viewer voted award will be given at this year’s ceremony.

Nowadays everyone wants to have a say in what is happening. With the immense expansion of the internet in the past decade and its ease of use, everyone is able to voice their mind.

The evolution of awards shows has also taken a similar path. What used to always be a sealed envelope, hush-hush affair has now become a public, “text a vote”, free for all. With awards ceremonies like the People’s Choice Awards and reality based competition shows like American Idol, the youth of today has begun to feel as though it is entitled to have a say in all awards ceremonies.

Due to this recent insurgence of a need for public participation, the GRAMMYs have now decided to join the band wagon and developed a similar viewer voted category hoping to attract the younger “wired” constituency. In the new category, “Best Unknown Band” award (BUB), the public is instructed to go to and click on the link located in the upper right hand section of the webpage to nominate a band for a BUB award.

Here users can enter the names of their favorite lesser known bands.  But it takes a little more than just filling in the name of a musical group once. Nominees must receive a minimum of 250,000 unique submissions before they will be added to the ballot.

Since news of the new category was announced, thousands of ‘would be’ rock stars have inundated Twitter with pleas to their fans to nominate them in order to have a shot at the new GRAMMY award.

To date the following bands have received the required 250,000 nominations, officially making it into the ballot.

  • Atomic Ball Sack
  • Printer Jam
  • Soccer Moms
  • Santa’s Heroin Addiction
  • The Satanic Hamsters
  • Backcountry Dirtstars
  • Taliban Daycare
  • Zombie Coach Potatoes
  • The Librarian Pornstars
  • Discount Brain Surgery
  • CareBear Genocide
  • Midget Toss
  • Sloppy Joe Dance Off
  • Ear Diarrhea
  • Handicapped Leprechauns

At the beginning of the program an announcement will be made informing viewers that the voting lines are open. Fans will then text in their votes or go online to cast their vote.  Phone voting was being considered initially but was later scrapped as no one really talks on the phone anymore. Producers have also stated that a “news ticker” will run along the bottom of the screen throughout the show giving live status updates for who is in the lead for the first BUB.

Deadline for nominations is 7:30 pm on Sunday, February 13, just before the ceremony begins so be sure to nominate your favorite local band to give them a chance to make music history by being the first to win a BUB.