HONOLULU — Whale experts believe a sick whale spotted off Kauai this week may be suffering from curvature of the spine.
It’s a rare disorder but scientists say they have seen it in other marine mammals like dolphins.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s marine mammal response coordinator, David Schofield, says officials are confident the whale was either born with the condition or acquired it over the course of its life.
But John Malley, an expert at the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials says that the whale is actually an alien from Planet Zeeba.  “That’s not a whale, it’s an alien in a whale body.  The spine is curved on purpose, so that aliens will draw attention to the whale and lure humans over so they can then jump into their bodies.”
Schofield has no other explanation for this unique whale sighting.  He ruled out a boat collision, saying it’s not plausible an animal hit by a boat would have retained the shape of such an injury.   When asked if he thought the whale was an alien, he said, “I don’t know anything about aliens, or Planet Zeeba, but I would say for sure that it is NOT an alien.”
“He’s clueless.  He should jump back into the ocean,” said Malley.
A flight instructor on Kauai first spotted the white, emaciated whale with a severely deformed spine on Monday. He said the 50 foot whale “appeared to be bent in half.”
Several observers so “flickering lights” coming from the bent whale.
So do you think it’s a deformed whale or an alien?

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  1. this is the stupidest article ive ever read.
    how could you even end your story with such a pathetic question?
    ALIEN?! seriously?


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