LOS ANGELES –  Lindsay Lohan wore a Glavis White Dress to court yesterday and now female defendants across the country are wearing the dress to court!

Lindsay Lohan’s skintight white minidress that she wore yesterdqay to answer grand theft charges has sold out online, a rep for its designer, Kimberly Ovitz, told WWN.
Even though the $575 Glavis dress raised the eyebrows of veteran Lohan watchers and the tabloids for looking more club sexy than courtroom serious, the clingy number disappeared from the shelves of every virtual retailer who sold it within hours of her appearance in a Los Angeles courtroom.
WWN has learned that the primary buyers of the dress are female defendants trying to “impress” judges across the country.  Here’s Gina Manobianco from Bayonne, NJ.  She’s up on burglary and assault charges:

Here’s Luwanda Jackson of Baton Rogue.  She’s on trial for beating her husband with a stiletto:

Here’s Cynthia Maxwell of Sante Fe, New Mexico.  She’s up on drug charges:

And here’s Megan Fox.  She’s just supporting her good friend Lindsay Lohan:

Lohan, 24, was there to answer grand theft charges filed after the shoe and legging designer allegedly walked out of a Venice, Calif., boutique on Jan. 25 with a one-of-a-kind $2,500 necklace.
Lohan strutted into court looking more catwalk than perp walk wearing the embossed dress, black pumps and $312 Chanel 5182 sunglasses, her freshly coiffed hair neatly pulled back.
A Kimberly Ovitz representative told ABC there may be a few scattered Glavis dresses left in various boutiques throughout the United States that carry her line.
Female defendants are all entering “not guilty” pleas in their tight white dresses.  The judges don’t seem to mind and are much more sympathetic to the defendants.
The tight white dress – always a winner!

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  1. That is so true, judges do love it, as do the attorneys. It is a great way to impress teachers, bosses, and coworkers too. Hopefully this will start a nation wide trend, and the corporate HR bosses will relax their "business appropriate" dress codes.

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