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MIDWEST CITY, OK – Smurfs’ Village, an iPhone game, robbed a woman of $1 million.

Smurfs Village, an iPhone and iPad game has been gaining a great deal of popularity but also a great deal of criticism for its in-app purchasing capability. The new functionality allows users to purchase virtual goods and power-ups for a game or application with the simple tap of a finger or in Janice Boneheim’s case, the tap of a cyst.

Janice Boneheim of Midwest City, OK recently had to file for bankruptcy after she raked up $1,000,000 worth of fees from her butt buying multiple “wagons” of Smurfberries through the in-app purchase functionality of the game. Butt buying is similar to the concept of butt dialing but instead of calling complete strangers or your friends, you go into massive, life-shattering debt.

Although the game does present a warning prior to the purchase of the Smurfberries, little could be done to prevent the purchases in Boneheim’s circumstances. Boneheim, like many cell phone users, often places her phone in her back pocket. The issue for Boneheim, however, is that she has several cysts on her behind.

“I shift around in my seat a lot at work due to the cysts on my butt cheeks,” said Boneheim, “but these things just seem to have a mind of their own.”

With no way to prove that the purchases were accidental and with the absurdity of the situation surrounding the purchases, Boneheim was stuck footing the bill. She is currently seeking counsel to assist her with her battle against bankruptcy.

“One of the good things that has come out of this is that I am ranked #1 on the on-line high score list for Smurf’s Village. I may not have any money now but I will always have my #1 standing.”

When asked why she didn’t just stop putting the phone in her back pocket, she simply shrugged.

Lifetime Movie Channel has already purchased the rights to Boneheim’s story.  Butt Buyer: A Woman’s Struggle with Cystic Shopping will start production in the spring of 2011 and air in the summer of the same year.

No word from Boneheim’s butt.

But here’s some Smurf video for you: