MAYO CLINIC – Doctors have confirmed that brain cancer can be cured with Super Glue.
This past summer a baby girl, who was born with a potentially lethal brain malformation, was saved when doctors injected a special type of Super Glue into her brain.
Since then, doctors have done extensive research and run numerous clinical trials on medical-grade Super Glue and its use for curing brain tumors.  The data is in.  If you inject Super Glue into a brain that has cancer – the cancer will go away in three to five days.
Let’s look  at the case of Brenda Markingham.
Brenda was born with a malformation of blood vessels in her brain, which led to hydrocephalus or water on the brain, which caused her head to grow unusually large.

The Chicago family came to New York’s Roosevelt Hospital where Dr. Hector Gonzalez used the Super Glue procedure to save her life.
In an amazing, delicate procedure, Dr. Gonzalez actually injects tiny amounts of medical-grade Super Glue, closing off most of the vessels feeding the Vein of Galen short-circuit.
Brenda was born with something called a Vein of Galen malformation. The huge dark circle in the middle of her brain is a short-circuit between arteries and veins. That enlarges the veins, preventing brain fluid from draining normally.
Brenda’s parents know Super Glue saved their baby’s life and they have a lot to be thankful for this  holiday season “Certainly at this time of year I think you tend to reflect on what you are most thankful about in your life and certainly we have a lot to be thankful for,” her mother said.

The Super Glue in Brenda’s brain will stay there forever. You can see it on X-rays. It’s lodged in these abnormal blood vessels that are now closed off and shouldn’t bother her as her brain continues to develop.
Doctors across America have now begun using Super Glue on brain tumors.  “We think it’s the best medical discovery since Penicillin,” said Dr. Aldous Hawkley.  “And it’s always handy to have Super Glue around.  If we break something in the operating room, we don’t have to scramble looking for something… we have Super Glue.”
Of course, medical-grade Super Glue is different from regular Super-Glue.  “But not much different,” said Dr. Gonzalez.  “If there was an emergency and we were out of the medical-grade Super-Glue, I could just send a nurse to the hardware store and get regular Super Glue and it would work fine.”
The one problem doctors have with using Super Glue?   “If you get it on your fingers, they stick together and the whole operation has to be stopped, while the doctors try to pry their fingers apart,” said Dr. Susan Begley of the Mayo Clinic.
The other problem is that doctors, like Dr. Begley, have become obsessed with Super Glue.  “She’s addicted.  Every time we turn around she’s using Super Glue on something,” said to her husband Rocco.  “She’s got a real problem with that stuff.”
Well, she may have a problem… but brain cancer is now cured!

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