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CNN followed-up on the red hot Jetpack story that Frank Lake broke right here on WWN!

WWN’s Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, Frank Lake, is being recognized for breaking the Jetpack story.  CNN dedicated fifteen minutes last night to a broadcast about Frank Lake’s reportage.  60 Minutes is planning on interviewing Lake and Dr. Barry Leed for a more in-depth discussion of the story and WWN’s ability to scoop the mainstream media.

The original Jetpack Story is HERE.

Though there are rumors swirling that the story is a fake, WWN can confirm that the LAPD has , in fact, hired 1,000 Law Enforcement Jetpack Officers.  Other cities have also placed orders for “The Martin” (as the jetpack is called) with the New Zealand maker of the jetpack.

The city of Dallas has ordered 5,000 jetpacks, San Diego has ordered 3,000 and Phoenix has ordered 4,000 that included a special “illegal immigrant” spyscope.  “We plan on using these jetpacks to put these illegals behind bars.  We’re gonna swoop down on them all,” said Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County.

Below is part of the CNN broadcast last night. The CNN correspondent seems to doubt the veracity of the story… but we will be presenting more evidence that it is true in the coming days. Fox and CNN both got it wrong. WWN got it right. Might be another Pulitzer for WWN.

YOU CAN LINK TO THE VIDEO HERE. or watch it below.