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LAKE TAHOE – Two Navy helicopter pilots were having some fun on  the lake.

There’s two Navy pilots that wish YouTube was never invented.  In the old days military pilots could take their girlfriend out in a Navy chopper or get drunk and spin around the city, try to buzz some people they didn’t like, but not anymore – everyone is watching.

These two pilots nearly fell apart. Now they can’t even dunk helicopters into Lake Tahoe without getting in trouble!

According to San Diego’s Channel 10, the video (below) , was shot by a tourists, who then uploaded it to YouTube. It shows two $33 million MH-60 Romeo helicopters being “dipped” in Lake Tahoe. The stunt caused between $50,000 and $500,000 in damage, and the pilots have been suspended while an investigation is conducted.

$500,000 for a little dip in the water? Who’s making these choppers?  Or better yet, isn’t there a cheaper body shop?  The pilots had their day in the fun, but I’m sure they are regretting the decision to play around with the $33 million machines.

The worst part is that the choppers may have awakened a sleeping giant – The Lake Tahoe Monster.   Some tourists say they have pictures of this Loch Ness type beast. WWN is working on verifying the photos and will release them soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the choppers!