NEW YORK, NY – Katy Perry decided to poke a little fun in the direction of Sesame Street!
Katy Perry’s hotness ended up being a problem when it came to Sesame Street. A recent appearance on the children’s show was met with a good amount of criticism. Perry’s assets were apparently displayed too prominently – not the image that kid’s should be exposed to. Perry’s skit with Sesame Street never made it to TV and the pop singer discovered how to not get onto Sesame Street.
Well, Perry’s hotness would not be tamed for too long. She appeared on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live.  – sporting an Elmo T-shirt that has never been happier to be worn. Perry was the musical guest, but appeared in a skit in which she mocked Sesame Street. The sexy singer wore a very low cut Elmo T-shirt – showing the type of cleavage that got her booted from the children’s show.
Check out the skit below.


  1. that is a matter of opinion. i wouldn't let a dirty sket like her educate my 5 year old child if someone paid me to let him watch it. cheap trash is what that looked like to me, and nothing but pure smut. but then she obviously doesn' t have any real talent and so needs to use her assets to climb the ladder. either that or she is sleeping her way to the top. she is totally innapropriate for the education of children. talk about having no scruples and morals. only an allycat would appreciate that.


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