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NEW YORK, NY – One man has given his cats a life that any other cat would envy!

If you’re a cat and Craig Grant is your owner, than your pretty much living a sweet life. Grant didn’t always love cats – actually he borderline hated them. Thanks to his son, however, that slowly changed.

When his son moved out of the house, he left his cat Pepper behind. It turns out that Pepper was pregnant and shortly after gave birth to five kittens. Grant was about to give them up for adoption when his son told him that the kittens had to stay with their mom for at least 8 months. “It wasn’t long before the kittens were swinging from my curtains,” he notes on his website.

Well that was the start of a beautiful relationship between Grant and his cats. He developed a fondness for the felines – so much so that he purchased a 30 acre piece of land and built his collection of cats a beautiful “cat village.” In 2003, Grant had 11 cats. That number has gone up a few today – 660 total cats.

The cat habitat – Caboodle Ranch – takes up barely 5 acres of the 30-acre piece of land. The ranch has the seal of approval from the Tallahassee Humane Society and the Tallahassee/Madison County Animal Control.

Each individual cat costs about $550 a year to tend to. All of the costs come out of Grant’s pocket and donations from the public.